Great Escape Theaters No Texting PSA In The Can

On Monday, we shot a “No Texting” PSA for The Great Escape Movie Theaters in New Albany, Indiana which was a huge success.  The spot will run before every screening at 26 theaters in 11 states for the chain.  I want to give a bug thanks to my talented crew:  Cory B. Clay, Todd Tue, Jacob Ennis, Marc Gurevitch, Nate Gudino, Lorie Karnes (and Michael), Don Smith, Jordan Cornett, Austin Yates, and Michael McBride.  All of them did a great job and I can’t wait to work with them again this coming week.  Big kudos go to our amazing cast:  Dusty Menser, Billy Blackwell, Vergena Fields, Kayla Perkins, my other two texting girls, and Bree & Gilligan.  I also want to give some extra high fives and Twizzlers to our amazing star, the lovely and talented Ms. Keaton Hollis who portrayed Wonder Woman and worked harder than all of us and was still going strong at the end of a very long day.  She was defiantly a star.  Lastly, thanks to Mrs. Brook Hollis who not only gave us the opportunity to shoot the spot, but also worked her tail off and bent over backwards to accommodate us throughout the day.  Great experience.

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