Danny Worsnop’s video for ‘High’ is complete. Of all the frames we shot yesterday, this is my favorite. 

A lot of people stood out in 19° weather all day for my crew and I and I can’t thank you all enough. I’m told frequently from folks in my hometown how proud they are of me for attempting to do what I do and trying to bring some of it home. If all those folks are half as proud of me as I am to call Green Co. my home, that’s the real reward.  This video is as much your all’s as it is ours.

Thanks to (and I hope I got everyone): Brent Curry for letting us burn his house down (get well soon buddy), Grayson Thomas Bills for recommending Brent’s house, Grant Curry, always Mike Mills, Todd Conley-State Farm Agent, Dannie Judd, Ricky Morgan, Bobby Marcum, Snappy Tomato, Jon Bradshaw & Aaron Nikki Rainwater from the Green Co. Sheriff Dept., Constable Jerry Ray, Jess Nunn & Millie Hodges Milby from the Green Co. EMS, Tom Mills from The Greensburg Record-Herald, my cleanup crew: Jeremiah Durrett, Christopher Dean Mast, Josh Morgan, & Chris Rice, Chief Lawrence Gupton who made this happen without a hiccup along with Bill Taylor Jr. and Joshua Steven Gupton & Elliott Shelton Taylor for the fire scenes that couldn’t have gone any better. Last, to each of the  guys who came out ‘Thank you.’ I hope it was as memorial experience for you all as it was for Danny and the rest of my crew.

Photo by Richie Wireman
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