Biram on “Sons of Anarchy” Tonight

Well, my ol’ friend Scott Biram will have a couple tracks appear on the FX hit series “Sons of Anarchy” tonight. One of the tracks is from his 2009 release “Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever” and happens to be the track JuddFilms, Neltner Creative, and Milk Products did a music video for, “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue.” The video was shot at Neltner’s Farm in Camp Springs, Kentucky back in 2008 and became Scott’s first “official” music video and the first time he ever smashed a guitar. Great memories. The show will also feature the track “Lost Case of Being Found” from his 2006 release “Graveyard Shift.” Scott’s new record “Bad Ingredients” was released October 11th. Paste Magazine is in its 4th week of a 5 part video series promoting the new record with the previous two weeks being viral videos we shot and the final week bringing the JuddFilms, Tuckywood Productions, Milk Products Media produced “Born In Jail” video. Congrats to Scott. Deserves all the recognition he’s getting.

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