Scott Biram “Born in Jail” Music Video Shot

Yesterday we shot the music video “Born in Jail” for Scott Biram.  The song appears on his highly anticipated October 11th release “Bad Ingredients.”  Scott drove all the way from Texas to my hometown of Greensburg, Kentucky before his tour started today in Nashville to shoot.  Excited for everyone to see it.

I want to thank Jacob Ennis for, as always, being a huge part and helping shoot.  Jamie Stahl for acting in the video, Melissa Schroeder for getting some behind the scenes shots and bringing Jamie, Robbie Beard and the Greensburg Sheriff’s Department for letting us in the old jail, Bill Durham, Billy Joe Lowe, my mom and my dad for grabbing some stuff for us, Tom Mills of The Greensburg Record-Herald for coming out and chatting with us, and everyone else at the courthouse for dealing with the chaos of us shooting in the basement.  The footage will be headed to Chicago today where Mr. Todd Tue of Milk Products Media will begin bringing this to life working his magic.  Stay tuned.

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