Shooter Jennings “Outlaw You” Official Video CMT Exclusive

CMT has the 48 hour exclusive to the “Outlaw You” video which went online today.  The video will also see medium rotation on CMT and heavy rotation on CMT Pure.  Be sure to check it out online at the link below.  Comment, vote for it, and share the link.   Let’s get this thing spreading like wildfire.

Shooter Jennings “Outlaw You”  Official Video

Directed by Blake Judd

(from an original idea by Jay Frank)
Assisted by Jacob Ennis and Justin Wells

Song available for download on iTunes NOW!

Shooter Jennings’ new album “Family Man” will be released in early 2012
Tune into

Notable appearances from Justin Wells (from Fifth on the Floor), Joey Allcorn, Young Struggle, Jellyroll, Zilla and Marvelous Matt.

For more information on the XXX movement, please check out

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