Shooter Jennings “Outlaw You” Viral Video and Song on iTunes

Yesterday JuddFilms shot a viral music video for Shooter Jennings’ track “Outlaw You” in Nashville.  Should be released soon.  There is an alternate version of the video that went up on as well.  You can check it out here:

Shooter Jennings “Outlaw You” CMT World Premiere 

The track is also available to download on iTunes today.  The image for the track (seen below) was one I took when we shot the EPK for Shooter’s forthcoming release “Family Man.”  Pretty awesome.  Can’t wait for everyone to see what we shot yesterday but until then, hit the version above and download the track.

Thanks for everyone who came out, helped out and hung out:  Jacob Ennis, Justin Wells of Fifth on the Floor, Joey Allcorn, Joshua Black Wilkins, Young Struggle and crew, and everyone else.  And a big thanks to Bob’s Idle Hour.  Great day.

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