COLD “Wicked World” Finished Shooting.

Well, for those of you who know me, you will see this post and know that if there was one band that I have been a fan of since the beginning it has been COLD. And now, after being friends with them for almost 15 years, I have official shot a music video for them.

On Monday April 4th we shot the performance portion of the video during the band’s day off at a desolate barn in Midway, Kentucky and yesterday we wrapped the storyline portion of the video in Lexington, Kentucky. Even though I cannot give any details or show any actual stills of the video, I just want to go ahead and post to say how grateful I am for having everyone’s help and support who were there to make this happen.

I have to start by thanking COLD and Scooter in particular. We pulled this video off in basically 72 hours and he trusted my abilities and went to bat for me to direct this project. Without his words, confidence, and support, there is no way we could have pulled this off. I want to also give a huge thanks to Jacob Ennis of Tuckywood Productions for shooting/producing and just dealing with me and helping make look as amazing as it does. I always feel comfortable knowing he is behind a camera. I have to thank Andrea Coates for making killer masks on such short notice. They were far more amazing than I ever expected and her dedication in such a small window is highly noted. I also want to thank the rest of the crew that came out and helped in any way including Justin Powell and Sven Granlund of Cineline Productions, Keith Nicholson and his wife Lisa for lighting, Dan Hedgespeth for the bqckdrop, Patrick Goltz for some lenses, Greg Brock for shooting, Jess Sandidge for still photography, Sara and Kevin Perdue for the location (and the tractor), and William Wright, Justin Wells, and Danny McCammish as PAs. I have to say a huge thanks to cast. Vince Bigham was awesome and the kids were great. Kayla Perkins, Shelby Nance, Dorsey Franklin, and Savanna Storm were stellar and professional in their performances and each of them have great parents who supported what they were doing and the project. If it wasn’t for Kayla’s mom, Michelle putting me in touch with Savanna’s mom, who put me in touch with Dorsey and Shelby’s parents, there is no way we could have pulled this off. Savanna’s mom even designed and created the costumes! Again, all of this in less than 3 days for the performance portion during COLD’s day off between Louisville and St. Louis. I also want to say a big thanks, in advance, to Todd Tue of Milk Products Media who is editing this project. He pulled some strings and did some shuffling to be a part of this and I know his skills are going to bring the vision that we have to life.

Last, I want to thank my family. My mom shuffled around her schedule to help out on such short notice and especially Stephanie and Braxton. It’s been a whirlwind the last week shuffling and scouting, and writing, and shooting, and editing, and on and on. No matter how much you want something and hard you work, it’s always nice to come home to those who appriciate and support what your passions in life are. Makes the stress of the grind so much more worth it.

Again, thanks to everyone. June 28th, COLD’s “Superfiction” will be out and before then, expect the release of the music video for “Wicked World” directed by Blake Judd….Sweet.

Scooter and I discussing a shot.

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